Gerry Martel Testimonials

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I've never commented on anything before. This is worth it!!~! Absolutely the best coach out there.
Bill H – FL

Thanks to Gerry and his amazing talent, I reached my goal of becoming a professional golfer. His method is simple and definitely will improve your game. I highly recommend you take lessons from Gerry.
Cedric W - Montreal

Gerry has a great knowledge of the golf swing. He has an ability to break down the swing and fundamentals for all levels of golf.
Chris K. - Ohio

I met Gerry Martel in 1994 never having plaeyd golf. After 10 lessons and lots of practice I received my first USGA handicap of 7. I then improved over the years to scratch and recently regressed. After just 2 lessons from Gerry he straightened me out. He is fantastic.
Bob B. - Boston

Gerry has helped me make my golf swing efficient and most importantly consistent under pressure. He has a great knowledge of the golf swing and is very simple to understand. My golf shots go straighter and longer than ever before.
Bradon J. - Boca Raton