Gerry Martel Biography

Please see the biography of Golf Swing Instructor Gerry Martel below.

Gerry Martel is a golf instructor with International Golf Eye. In this role, Gerry leads a team providing all aspects of the golf swing, including all aspects of the short and long game. Gerry is a qualified Golf Instructor who has given over half a million lessons professionally.

Gerry Martel and Client
Gerry Martel and Client

Gerry is no stranger to the golf world having spent 34 years as a golf instructor. In the late 90's, a gentleman by the name of Bob Daly, a member of the golf club he was working at at the time, had worked with Ken Venturi at CBS Sports for 25 years. He met Ken Venturi on Marco Island, where Mr. Venturi resided. He knew Mr. Venturi was instructed by Ben Hogan, who had worked for years on how to stop hooking the golf ball. This was called “The Secret” and was only passed down by word of mouth. He will be able to teach you this technique. Gerry loves the golf game and is pleased to bring golf instruction to you in your home virtually or in person. He is available here in South Florida for one on one lessons or virtually worldwide.

Gerry is available for private consultations and can be reached at 561-929-2868 or by Email.