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Gerry Martel has been helping golfers improve their long and short game for over 35 years. Gerry know the "secret" to a proper golf swing. Learn more on the Golf Swing Instruction page and other pages on the web site.
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Golf Swing Instruction

Everybody Learns

Gerry Martel teaches beginners, Mini Tour players and PGA Golf professionals.
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Gerry Martel Biography

A Life of Golf

Gerry Martel has been instructing in the golf game for over 35 years.
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Improve Your Game

Contact Gerry today to improve both your long and short golf game.
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A Better Golf Game

Read and click through the items below for details of how Gerry Martel has improved the golf game of thousands of golfers just like you.

Golf Instructions

Gerry has given instruction to golfers worldwide. Find out how Gerry can help you.
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Gerry's Bio

Gerry has instructed golfers for over 35 years. Learn more about Gerry.
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All the Facts

See the Frequently Asked Questions to help you to learn more about Gerry's services to the golfer.
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Golf Resources

Get the links to the golf links on the Golf Resources page. Never too much golf!
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Golf News

Get the latest in PGA news and tournament schedules. Stay up to date.
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Contact Today

Contact Gerry today to improve your golf game. Thousands already have.
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Contact Gerry Martel today for golf swing instruction.

Improve your long and short golf game.

Common Questions

Gerry hears many questions upon first contact for golf instruction. Please see a sampling below linked to the full answers.
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What information do you need from me? Info


What languages do you speak? Languages

How much

How much are golf lessons? How much

What hours?

What are the hours of International Golf Eye? Hours

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Improve your golf game.

Your can't go wrong with swing instruction from Gerry Martel.